SEAL Initiative and Cowell Curriculum

SEAL Initiative

Cowell Elementary is one of 6 chosen schools in the Denver Public Schools to partner with The Wallace Foundation and the Denver After School Alliance to focus on Social Emotional Learning and Academics throughout the school day and during our after school programming.  Through additional funding from the SEAL Initiative, our school will pilot ways to ensure our students are not only learning and growing academically, but also growing into kind citizens with the social/emotional skills they need to be successful.  Our school has used some of our funding to support a Teacher on Special Assignment (TOSA) for the SEAL Initiative.  Lacey Dennis is working with our school and after school staff to support our work.

“This year we will be implementing social, emotional, and academic learning at Cowell! All children and adults will acquire and effectively apply the skills necessary to understand and manage emotions, feel and show empathy for others, and learn to solve problems with others in a positive way. Our students will acquire positive social behaviors and attitudes along with skills such as teamwork and academics. We will use a growth mindset and persevere as we work to integrate academic and social emotional learning systems.” – Lacey Dennis, TOSA for SEAL



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Our school has a rigorous curriculum aligned with Common Core State Standards. The curriculum promotes a high level of student engagement and expectations.


English Language Arts

◦ECE & Kindergarten: Tools of the Minds
◦1st & 2nd Grade: Benchmark/Adelante
◦3rd – 5th Grade: Expeditionary Learning


◦ECE: Tools of the Minds
◦Kindergarten – 5th Grade: Bridges Mathematics

English Language Development

◦ECE: Tools of the Minds

◦Kindergarten – 5th Grade: EL Achieve

Bridges Mathematics Resources:Parents/Families: Please check out this link, if you’d like to learn more about this program, and how you can support your children in their learning!