The easiest way to connect to Seesaw is for students to log into their chromebooks, and then click the link for Seesaw. (Jump to step 4 of the photos below).

You can also logon to Seesaw from other devices using steps 1-4 in the photos below.  Seesaw general link.  Remember, you will have to be logged into the student’s Google account before being allowed into Seesaws’ classrooms. Students’ Google accounts have the student’s lunch number for the user name, and date of birth for the password. For example, the password for a student born on January 26, 2014 would be 01262014. Students’ Google email is their lunch number followed by To get into the students Google accounts the first time, you will have to enter the student email. This will take you to a blue DPS logon page where you will use their lunch number for username, and date of birth for password.

After getting to Seesaw logon page, click “I am a student”

  1. Type in “Cowell” and then choose the name of the school below, “Cowell Elementary School…”
  2. Click on the box that says “Logon with Active Directory
  3. Enter the students lunch number on top for their user name, and the student’s date of birth on the bottom.  (eg. If your student’s lunch number is 123456, then enter that on the top line. If the student’s date of birth was July 25, 2014, their password would be “07252014” and that would be entered on the bottom line)


DPS Seesaw Info.