Cowell P.R.I.D.E. & Core Values


At Cowell, we collaborate with our students, families, district and community to uphold shared values that will empower and inspire students to become lifelong learners.



  • Be on time
  • Follow the dress code
  • Have materials and homework ready and complete


  • Put things away in the correct space
  • Follow Directions
  • Take Responsibility for yourself without blaming others


  • Doing what is right, honorable and fair
  • Follow the rules even when nobody is watching
  • Be Caring, help others in need, use kind words
  • Cooperation with classmates and adults
  • Honesty-Being able to tell the truth when it is hard


  • Set Goals-Make a plan to always do your best
  • Have Self-Esteem-Believe good things about yourself
  • Have Courage to take positive risks to help yourself and others
  • Perseverance-Staying with a job and not giving up


  • Self-Control at all times, be safe-hands and feet to self
  • Ask for help appropriately for what you need
  • Gratitude– Being able to say “thank you” out loud when someone is kind to you
  • Patience-Be willing to wait without complaining