Cowell Elementary Collaborative School Committee (CSC) By-Laws 


Cowell Mission Statement:

At Cowell, we collaborate with our students, families, district and community to uphold shared values that will empower and inspire students to become lifelong learners.

Cowell is a safe, respectful community that fosters excitement for learning and holds high expectations for all who enter our doors.

Cowell Elementary School provides all students with a rigorous academic experience while fostering a positive student culture of high expectations and support. Cowell Elementary School has been educating students in the Villa Park neighborhood to prepare them for success through middle  school, high school and beyond.


The purpose of these bylaws is to provide the CSC with an established set of rules and procedures under which to most effectively function. In addition to these bylaws, the CSC will function within Board of Education Policy BDF-R4 which in many instances specifies CSC requirements and functions, and the Agreement between the Denver Classroom Teachers Association (DCTA) and the Denver Public School District, hereafter referred to as the Agreement. 

The purpose and scope of the CSC is now found in Board of Education Policy BDF-R4. 


The purpose and scope of the CSC shall be to focus on the Unified Improvement Plan as its primary responsibility at the school based on the “Multiple Measures”. 

These are district-established indicators of individual school performance and data in the following areas: attendance, graduation-rate, school leadership, instructional quality, student respect, school safety, and other measures such as the School Accountability Rating. 

In particular the CSC will work to provide guidance, evaluation, and recommendations regarding staffing allocations as it relates to the UIP, school budget, and school program design, including consultation regarding adjustments that may be made due to pupil-count issues- 

to enhance student achievement and school climate by engaging the school community in collaborative efforts supporting the school and district’s goals; 

to provide strategic direction in support of the school’s mission and vision as stated in the Unified Improvement Plan (UIP). The UIP with the school’s program design, should serve as the strategic plan for the school; to be in compliance with state and federal law, regulations of the Colorado Department of Education (CDE), applicable U.S. District Court orders, the District Affirmative Action plan, the DPS/DCTA Agreement, other contracts and District mandates; 

to use evaluation tools and systems using a variety of longitudinal measures or the School Performance Framework to determine student achievement, overall organizational strength, school’s accreditation ratings for reporting to the CDE and to provide input to the teacher and principal compensation. 


● Liliana Melendez- School Principal

Katelyn Guignard- Principal Designee

● Claudia Ballard- Elected Teacher  

● Talia Jimenez, Amber Mendoza, Lucy Martinez – Elected Parents  

● Marlinda Mendoza

● Megan Morris – classified employee 

Cowell Bylaws and Membership

Cowell CSC Meeting 10.19.23

Cowell CSC Meeting  11.16.23