Winter Weather Information

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The decision to keep schools open or to close them during winter weather conditions is not a simple one, but it is made with one overriding factor in mind: the well-being of our students, their families and staff. It is a good idea to decide in advance how to best keep up with the changes, what childcare arrangements are needed, and how to adjust if schools are closed due to inclement weather.


DPS announces closures or remote days via the following communications tools:

  • Automated calls and emails – Families who provide phone numbers or email addresses to schools will receive a phone call and/or an email.
  • News media – DPS immediately notifies news media for inclusion on their weather closing or remote lists.
  • Website home page – An alert banner will be displayed across the top of the home page of this website.
  • Social media – Announcements will be posted to Facebook and Twitter.
  • District closure/remote hotline – A message will be left on the school district’s closure hotline at 720-423-3200, as well on the DPS Transportation Services hotline at 720-423-4600.

We are committed to informing families about school delays or closures as early as possible with the goal to make the call by 5 a.m.

Updated school closure list during inclement weather:

Weather Information: